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Nameplate Displays

The /nameplatedisp command lets you change the display of nameplates for players!
Changing nameplate displays can be useful to reduce visual clutter in certain circumstances.
  • Add a category of players to affect a nameplate display change to.
  • Set a number for which nameplate display mode to use.
See the /nameplatedisp command for more info!


/nameplatedisp self 4
Hide your own nameplate.
Useful for when your own name can make it difficult to see markers above your head.
/nameplatedisp all 4
Hide all nameplates.
Useful when in large party battles like Delubrum Reginae Savage to reduce visual clutter.
/nameplatedisp party 1
Show party nameplates.
Useful to show your own party after hiding everyone else's nameplates when reducing visual clutter.