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Neko's Simple Ocean Fishing Guide

How to queue for Ocean Fishing

Take Arcanists’ Guild aether point in Limsa Lominsa.
Boats leave every two hours on the ODD hour (local time) currently, but once daylight savings time starts in March it will be on the EVEN hour until the next time change.
This is my fishing set up and I’ve highlighted in RED the main skills you need for ocean fishing.
Starting with materials – CORDIALS. Make sure to take some. You don’t want to be GP starved when ocean fishing.
Bait – ragworm, krill, or plump worm. Can be purchased from vendor right next to the docks. You can also use Versitile Lure, but you won’t get spectrals unless you use the specific bait per location... Other than spectral/special fish, you can catch all fish with all three baits, which is why you always want to use the bait for spectral per location as spectral yields faster casting and higher point/star fish.

Which bait to use for which location FOR SPECTRAL?

(& some locations you’ll want to switch bait once you’re in spectral)
Preferred Bait
Galadion Bay
Plump Worm
Rhotano Sea
Plump Worm
Northern Strait
Southern Strait
Bloodbrine Sea
Rothlyt Sound
Plump Worm
“Thaliak’s Favor” – you will get stacks of “Angler’s Intuition” as you fish. 3 stacks of “Angler’s Intuition” can be turned into 150GP via Thaliak’s Favor. Don’t ever sit at 10 stacks of “Angler’s Intuition” as this wastes possible GP. You get a stack of AI each time you catch a large fish (which can be procced using Prize Catch).
“IDENTICAL CAST” – your bread & butter for ocean fishing. When you go ocean fishing you’ll see 3 objectives – ie catch 15 crabs, 5 !!! Fish, 5 **** fish, etc. When you catch a fish that meets one of those requirements, ESPECIALLY if it’s one of the harder ones, USE IC. Then pop a cordial, cast, and when you get your bite use triple or double hook to reel in either 3 or 2 of that fish/etc.!
Time of day and weather conditions can affect what fish you get. Inspiration is a chance to get special fish/mounts, and sometimes requires different bait. See ocean fishing schedule:
Link to detailed fish information:
XP will fly during ocean voyages but you will need to do fishing job quests to get all the skills!! During spectral and once you have collected all objectives, GO FOR POINTS. This means use double/triple hooking as often as possible.
You will no longer be able to cast once the timer hits 30s so make sure you get that last cast in! Don't waste time with patience or chumming – rather, if you have extra GP, use “Prize Catch” to ensure a large fish (more points, more stacks of “Angler’s Intuition”). You can desyth on the boat, and if you run out of space or bait there is a vendor on the boat (but you don’t want to waste fishing time visiting the vendor unless you absolutely have to).
Note in yellow I have highlighted my empty bag. You need to have an empty bag to go ocean fishing! You will collect a lot of fish to desynthesize. Desyth can yield bait! Desynth your previous catch before buying more bait.
The macro (/macros) highlighted in green is as follows:
/ac "Triangulate" <wait.1>
/ac "Snagging" <wait.2>
/ac "Salvage" <wait.1>
/ac "Collect"