Avoid Taxes on Items Sold

You can reduce the taxes for items you sell on the Market Board to 3% or even 0% for more profit!

This reduction is especially important if you sell high-value items. An item sold for 1m gil at the normal 5% tax rate would see you lose 50k gil from the sale.

Check Market Tax Rates

Visit a Retainer Vocate, found in each major city where retainer services exist.

Select "View market tax rates."

Select a city to check their tax rate for the week!

See if there's a city with 0% to get no taxes taken out of items you sell for the week.

Dispatch Retainer to Avoid Taxes

Once you've found a city with a tax rate you like, go to that city's Retainer Vocate.

At the city's Retainer Vocate, select to "Dispatch a retainer" to that city.

Now when you go to your retainer and click view items you're selling, you should see the market tax reduction message at the bottom show the reduction you chose.

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