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Ways to Make Gil



  • Farm dungeons for items, like minions or furnishing items
    • Verdant Partition
    • Drippy, White Whittret, Dress-up Yugiri, Ivon Coeurlfist Doll, Calamari
  • Farm trials for high-valued materials
    • Shinryu's Scale, Seiryu's Scale, Celestial Kimono Remnant, Scarlet Tailfeather
  • Get on a hunt LS or hunt discord and do hunt trains and S ranks when they pop up
    • Hunts give poetics, allegory and revelation
    • Allegory can be used to buy and resell crafting materials
  • Farm FATEs in ShB areas to get bicolor gemstones, then buy and resell items
    • Orchestrion rolls
    • Crafting materials
  • Complete weekly Wondrous Tails
    • Get bronze, silver and gold certificates to resell items
    • Get treasure maps to resell
  • Do treasure maps to get gil and materials that can be resold
    • Gather a daily treasure map to use or resell
    • Calfleather, Seacloth, Cloth-softening Powder from ShB maps
    • Dress material, Mariner cloth, Unhidden Leather maps from ARR maps
  • Farm in Bozja/Zadnor
    • Farm fragments from various enemies to resell
    • Farm clusters from various enemies to purchase items and resell
    • Get fragments from Castrum, Delubrum and Dalriada to resell
  • Farm in Eureka
    • Farm FATEs to get lockboxes and get random things to resell
    • Complete bunny FATEs to uncover hidden treasure chests and, if lucky, get high-valued mounts and minions
  • Farm in Palace of the Dead/Heaven on High
  • Complete daily roulettes for gil bonuses
  • Complete weekly challenge logs


  • Craft things people need, like gear, raid food and tinctures
    • Raid food: Smoked Chicken, Chicken Fettuccini
    • Gear: Aesthete's gear, Exarchic gear
    • Tinctures: Grade 4 Tinctures
    • Items needed for crafting job quests
  • Craft things people want, like housing items, glams, mounts, minions
    • Southern Seas clothes, Rebel/Urban Coat, Dalmascan clothes, Spring Dress, Company Tabard
    • Nana Bear, Plush Cushion, Stuffed Bear
    • Stormblood primal weapons
    • Magicked Bed, Flying Chair
    • Dyes
  • Craft for Ishgard’s Firmament
  • Participate in Firmament Fetes
    • Earn Fete Tokens to buy and resell items
  • Craft for Custom Deliveries, Crystarium Facets and Collectable turn-ins
    • Earn Crafter Scrips to buy and resell items
    • Materia
    • Oddly Specific items
  • Desynth items and unneeded gear and sell the resulting materials
  • Craft housing exteriors with company workshop to resell
  • Complete Crystarium levequest "A Cookie for Your Troubles" x 99 leves
  • Craft brand new items from Expansions/Patches


  • Gather higher-value materials
    • Compare gathering log to mb and gather what sells the most
    • Gather materials needed for raid food, tinctures and current-tier crafted gear
  • Gather for Ishgard
    • Gather mats that sell well to crafters
    • Get Skybuilders’ Scrips, then buy and resell items
  • Gather materials very commonly used
    • Crystals, Shards, Clusters
  • Gather for Ishgard’s Firmament Diadem to sell materials and earn Skybuilders’ Scrips
  • Participate in Firmament Fetes
    • Earn Fete Tokens to buy and resell items
  • Gather for Custom Deliveries, Crystarium Facets and Collectable turn-ins
    • Earn Gatherer Scrips to buy and resell items
    • Materia
  • Gather maps to resell on market
  • Gather brand new items from Expansions/Patches


  • Buy items from NPCs and resell for profit
    • Vermilion Paper Parasol
    • Items used for weekly Fashion Report
  • Turn unneeded gear into GC seals, then buy and resell items
    • Glamour Prism
    • Glamour Dispeller
  • Use tomestones to buy and resell items
    • Orchestrions from poetics
    • Materials from allegory
  • Set retainers on ventures
    • Get crafting materials to resell from specific ventures
    • Get lucky with random items to resell with quick ventures
  • Dispatch retainers to city with lowest weekly tax rate
  • Unlock beast tribes and resell items
    • Sun Lemon, Night Milk
    • Undyed Velveteen
    • Special dyes from beast tribes
  • Use FC workshop to craft housing exteriors to resell
    • Ask an officer for help starting and completing a company craft
  • Garden to create high-value items
    • Thavnarion Onion Seeds, Thavnarion Onions
    • Cloudsbreath Seeds, Cloudsbreath
  • Save money!
    • Use aetheryte tickets to reduce teleport fees
    • Craft things for yourself, or ask a friend/FC mate to help craft
    • Repair your own gear