FC Logo on Gear

Get the FC logo on your gear!

  1. Equip the gear you'd like the company logo to be on.

  2. Click to "Add or remove company crest from gear."

  3. Click the item to add a crest to, or click to "Add to All"

  4. Enjoy your newly branded outfit!


  • Only the OIC Officer of Arms in Maelstrom Command can be used to apply Fun Club crests on gear due to Fun Club being allied with Maelstrom. The similar NPCs in Gridania and Ul'Dah will deny access.

  • Company crests are applied to the gear you have equipped, not the glamour. That means you can apply different glamours to your gear and the crest will remain! But that also means you'll need to re-apply the company crest if you equip different gear that you haven't applied the crest to yet.

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