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The FFXIV community often refers to The Balance for best job openers, rotations, and Best-in-Slot gear.
This Reddit post only goes up to 70, but has a lot of useful information on how to effectively level from 1 to 70 quickly.


This site offers a variety of useful crafting tools. Possibly the most useful is the Crafting Simulator, where you can enter an item you want to craft, enter your current stats, and build a rotation of crafting actions. You can see the % chance of the craft being high quality and whether it will succeed. When satisfied, you can even export the action set as macro steps and paste it into your game for an easy 1-button craft! Teamcraft also lets you import macros, which is useful for taking someone else's macro and seeing how it does with your current stats.
This document provides useful reference points for crafting the various Ishgard items. To use a macro rotation, your stats will have to match up with what it says in the box. But this is otherwise useful to take back to Teamcraft and experiment with your own stats!


Get inspired by the glamours players have put together!
See what primarily Japanese players are wearing lately!
XIV Style
Check out catalogued armors and where to find them.
Use this model viewer to see how various pieces of clothing might look on you.


See what all the individual housing items look like and, if craftable, what it takes to craft them.
Get inspiration for your next housing project!
See what furnishing items can be glitched!


See community-created events on Crystal!
The Prancing Moogle hosts various fun events for the community at their cafe!
A virtual theatre group that puts on amazing in-game plays!
This group puts on high-production in-game plays!


Reference guide for Eureka
Track when FATEs have happened or use the helpful map!
Interactive map of Anemos

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