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Control Settings


Movement Settings

Change how your character moves based on your preference!

Standard Type (Character-based)

Moving backwards makes your character walk backwards slowly.

Legacy Type (Camera-based)

Moving backwards makes your character turn all the way back and move forward in that direction. This setting can be useful for fights to be able to move back out of something at normal speed.

Chat Mode Settings

Enable direct chat
Direct chat makes it so that any typing goes directly to the chat box.
This setting can be useful for PS4/PS5 and when otherwise using a controller for gameplay with a keyboard on the side used for just chatting.
This setting is not as useful when using keyboard + mouse for both gameplay and chatting. Keybinds will be disabled when this setting is enabled.

Cutscene Skipping

Skip cutscenes you've already seen! These settings are especially useful when doing a duty over and over, such as for mount farming sessions.
Skip playback of previously viewed scenario cutscenes.
Skip playback of previously viewed transportation cutscenes.

Target Settings

Automatically lock on target when initiating auto-attack.
Lock-on-target will focus your camera on the target instead of letting you change camera view easily. This isn't very ideal when in a duty, since you usually want to be able to look around the battlefield to know what's going on around you.

Target Type

Target type determines how your next target is selected.

Type 1: Ignore Depth

The initial target is the closest one within your camera's view regardless of how far they are. Subsequent targets are targeted from left to right.

Type 2: Cone

The initial target is the one closest to you within a cone from your camera's view. Subsequent targets try to get similar selections within this cone.

Battle Effects Settings

Battle effects settings adjusts the amount of special effects that you see for battle-related actions.
These special effects can be changed on yourself (Own), Party, Others, and PvP Opponents.

Show All

Default shows all special effects.

Show Limited

Tones down the special effects while keeping important ones visible.
This setting is most commonly used as you start getting into duties with lots of people doing lots of special effects! Those effects can be distracting and blinding, can block view of enemies, and at worst, get you killed.

Show None

Shows no special effects.
Not recommended since special effects like healer bubbles disappear.
Common battle effects settings.

Mouse Targeting

Enable clicking on field to remove target.
Enabling clicking on field to remove target lets you easily disengage from interacting with the target.