Log Window Settings

Display World name in chat log when player is on another server.

Enable the World name to be visible for players from other worlds.

Enable profanity filter

Optionally enable the profanity filter if you don't want to see profanities from other players.

Display error messages when actions fail.

Display recast timer error messages.

Display altitude error messages.

Error messages may not be useful and can be disabled to not get error messages.

Log Text Colors

Change the text color of any chat text, including player chats as well as system messages.


Log Filters

Change what text shows up in each chat log.

Useful options


You can optionally disable all Battle messages to be able to utilize the Battle log as another more useful chat channel.

NPC Dialogue

When chatting with an NPC, their dialogue can be set to post in log channels. This setting is useful to refer back to what characters said during cutscenes.

Periodic Recruitment Notifications

Recruitment notifications are typically not useful. Disable them here.


An FC chat tab with all FC-related options turned on.

A General chat tab with most chat channels and notifications turned on.

A Party/Tell chat tab that takes over the Battle tab by disabling all Battle text and enabling Tell, Party and Alliance.

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