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UI Settings


Action Help Position

Action help provides tooltip information for abilities and items. The position can be changed around to suit your preferences.

Next to Cursor (Default)

Sets the position to always show next to the cursor.

Fixed (Reversed)

Sets the position to the horizontal opposite of the fixed location specified in HUD Layout.


Sets the position to the fixed location specified in HUD Layout.


Show upon login
Show upon area change


Open upon login
Open upon area change.
After getting used to the game more, the playguide may be less useful. Disable it here to remove the dialog from coming up.
Display inventory grid
The inventory grid can be used to click and open your inventory. It may not be necessary if you know how to open it with a keybind.
Hide duty list during non-instanced duty.
The duty list in a duty shows normal journal entries. It may be better to hide it to have a cleaner UI.


Display only detrimental effects you inflict.
Displaying only your own detrimental effects on an enemy will hide debuffs that others apply to the enemy and only show your own. This setting can be useful if you have trouble watching your dots on the enemy due to the enemy having too many debuffs to recognize your own.