Other Settings

Screenshot Folder

See where your screenshots are currently stored, and optionally change it to store elsewhere.

Auto-AFK Settings

Time Before Auto-AFK

Options are Off, 5m, 10m, 30m, or 60m.

AFK settings ("Away From Keyboard") puts an AFK symbol next to your character's nameplate after a certain amount of time.

Change how long your character goes AFK and gets the AFK symbol.

Display Limits

Character and Object Quantity: Unlimited

Open Windows: Unlimited

Set display limits to unlimited to never be limited with how many characters, objects and windows can appear on screen.

Group Pose/Idling Camera Settings

Switch to idling camera when auto-AFK activates.

When activated, the idling camera will show various scenes around your character. It may focus on your character, other characters or minions in the vicinity.

Learn more about Idling Camera.

Switch online status to Camera Mode while active.

The camera mode puts a camera icon next to your character's nameplate when entering GPose.

Disable to not show the icon when entering GPose. Useful when wanting to discreetly take screenshots without showing that you're in GPose.

Enable when you want people to know you're taking screenshots in GPose. Useful in a group photo so people can know when they can move around.

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