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Check out these other useful FFXIV-related Discord servers!

Fun Club is not responsible for content contained in these servers. Listings are generally approved for PG-13ish audiences except where tagged. Servers may however still contain adult content.


Final Fantasy XIV Reddit Discord Various channels dedicated to all aspects of FFXIV including help for new & returning players, trivia quizzes, endgame and lore discussion, regional chat channels, data center recruitment, and channels for various side content.

Crystal Data Center For all users of the wonderful Crystal Data Centre.

Brynhildr Server Discord A central hub for all those that call Brynhildr their home world.

The Prancing Moogle A cafe on Brynhildr with many public social events.

Trials of Fantasy This is a FFXIV community server meant to help Free Trial players connect more easily and receive any help they might need. Normal players welcomed and encouraged to join as well! n.n

LunarCon LunarCon is a Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) convention run in game by a group of friends headed by Shenpai. The goal of LunarCon is to create a friendly, fun and amazing event for everyone and anyone in the FFXIV community to enjoy! https://www.lunarcon.net/

KupoCon KupoCon is simply a FINAL FANTASY fan event, made by the fans of Final Fantasy. If you have a love for the series, or any of the games that make up the series, you have a home at KupoCon. https://kupocon.com/

The Source FFXIV events and houses. https://www.thesource.fun/

Anklebiters A Lala-centric but not Lala-exclusive community. This server is here for you to interact with other players and to promote a healthy FFXIV community.


Eorzea Multiverse A gaming server for those looking to meet, make friends, or find love!

[18+] Final Fantasy XIV Lovebringers A no-frills 18+ dating discord server for FFXIV players to mingle.

Love Trails Discord for finding new friends and possibly new love.

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