⚑Member Benefits

Read about our member benefits and request them!

Ask an officer or use the Member List to request any gifts/services!

πŸ’° Recruitment Bonus!

βœ… Recruit someone to the FC and get 250k gil when they join for the first time!

β˜‘οΈ Referred recruits get 100k gil for joining for the first time from a referral!

Note: Only one person may receive the referral bonus per recruit. Refer more people for more bonuses!

Request your FC Recruitment Bonus!

πŸ”₯ Activate FC Buffs!

Activate any FC buffs you'd like to help you on your adventure!

Learn How!

πŸ–ΌοΈ FREE FC Room!

Decorate your own private room in the FC house!

Get a gift of 300k gil for obtaining and keeping FC Chambers! Available one time per person, including any current rooms.

Request your FC Room Gift!

🏘️ FC Ward Home Gift!

Expand your decorating horizons with a new house in the FC's Shirogane Ward 24!

Get a gift of 1m gil for obtaining and keeping a new house in our FC Shirogane Ward 24! Available one time per person.

See FC Ward Homes to see who has a home in the FC ward!

Request your FC Ward Home Gift!

πŸ§… FREE Thavnairian Onions!

Companion Chocobos need one Thavnairian Onion per rank past rank 10.

Get a free Thavnairian Onion to use for leveling your Chocobo past rank 10!

Guradian rank and up can get the onion from FC Box 3. Available once per Chocobo rank. Onions must be used for your member Chocobo's leveling and not resold.

Request a Thavnairian Onion!

πŸͺ™ FREE FC Credit Items!

Some NPCs sell special items that can only be obtained with FC credits.

Get any FC credit items for free (within reason)! OIC Quartermaster Items β˜… Resident Caretaker Items

Request FC Credit Items!

🏠 Build Housing Exteriors!

Build your own housing exteriors with the Company Workshop and skip the market!

  1. Visit the Company Workshop and check out the Fabrication Station!

  2. Select the housing project you want and ask Archonsor Legend+ members to help start it.

  3. You can then submit materials but may need a crafter leveled sufficiently to be able to submit.

    • It's recommended to have all materials needed for the build ready ahead of time.

    • Ask a crafter friend, Officer or ping @Crafter in Discord if you need help submitting mats.

  4. Continue progressing stages until all materials are submitted.

  5. When it's finished, ask an Officer or Legend+ member to collect the completed build!

You may use the workshop for up to 1 week. After 1 week, your project may be completed by Officers and used for FC funds.

Request Housing Exterior Help!

πŸ‘₯ FC Community Fellowship!

Fellowships are in-game groups that have community notices, polls, and message boards.

Participate in fun polls in the FC community fellowship!

To access the Fun Club Fellowship, click Social > Fellowships > Fun Club.

Request Invite to FC Fellowship!

FC meetings every last Sunday of the month have a dress-up theme for fun!

Come dressed up as the theme and show off your glamour on stage!

Use our FC logos for things like purchasing custom merchandise online!

View/Download FC Logos!

Host your own event with the FC!

View Event Hosting for more information.

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