Trivia Night

Trivia night is an opportunity for FC members to test their knowledge on FFXIV! Participants can use the application, "Kahoot", which can be accessed using a web browser, or the phone application.

Potential topics:

  • Dungeons, trials, raids.

  • Beast tribes.

  • Crafting and gathering.

  • Achievements and titles.

  • MSQ, lore, music, and other items.

  • Expansion specific trivia nights.

In-Game Format

  • Attendees sit around the seating in the basement while host is on stage.

  • Split participants into teams of 3 and form parties of those teams.

  • Each team chooses a representative to buzz in for their team.

  • Host gives a question and the first representative to emote to the host gets a chance to answer on behalf of their team.

  • A wrong answer gives another team the chance to emote and answer.

  • Different questions have different point values.

  • Partial answers, or answers that were close enough, would be accepted.

Questions may start off easy, lead to a lightning round, and end with a final round.

Discord could be optional. Voice chat can be helpful to clarify or answer questions.

Giveaways can be provided and given out in-between rounds and before the final results are announced.

External Site Format

Website: Kahoot! | Learning games | Make learning awesome!

  • Log in β†’ Create β†’ Kahoot β†’ New Kahoot β†’ Ensure the question type is "quiz" β†’ Adjust the time limit, points, and answer options as needed β†’ Type the question and the answers β†’ Ensure the correct answer is selected by clicking the checkmark in the circle while on the box

  • Once your Kahoot has been created, click on "library" β†’ Click "start" on the Kahoot you want to launch. β†’ Scroll down to "continue with with Basic up to 10 players." β†’ Select classic mode β†’ Click on "settings" β†’ Ensure "show questions and answers" is toggled on β†’ Share the game pin with participants β†’ Start when ready!

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