Trivia Night

Trivia night is an opportunity for FC members to test their knowledge on FFXIV! Participants can use the application, "Kahoot", which can be accessed using a web browser, or the phone application.
Potential topics:
  • Dungeons, trials, raids.
  • Beast tribes.
  • Crafting and gathering.
  • Achievements and titles.
  • MSQ, lore, music, and other items.
  • Expansion specific trivia nights.

In-Game Format

  • Attendees sit around the seating in the basement while host is on stage.
  • Split participants into teams of 3 and form parties of those teams.
  • Each team chooses a representative to buzz in for their team.
  • Host gives a question and the first representative to emote to the host gets a chance to answer on behalf of their team.
  • A wrong answer gives another team the chance to emote and answer.
  • Different questions have different point values.
  • Partial answers, or answers that were close enough, would be accepted.
Questions may start off easy, lead to a lightning round, and end with a final round.
Discord could be optional. Voice chat can be helpful to clarify or answer questions.
Giveaways can be provided and given out in-between rounds and before the final results are announced.

External Site Format

  • Log in → Create → Kahoot → New Kahoot → Ensure the question type is "quiz" → Adjust the time limit, points, and answer options as needed → Type the question and the answers → Ensure the correct answer is selected by clicking the checkmark in the circle while on the box
  • Once your Kahoot has been created, click on "library" → Click "start" on the Kahoot you want to launch. → Scroll down to "continue with with Basic up to 10 players." → Select classic mode → Click on "settings" → Ensure "show questions and answers" is toggled on → Share the game pin with participants → Start when ready!