Mount Farming

Mount farming sessions are Content Farming opportunities where people group up to try to re-play a certain duty or set of duties in the hopes of getting a special mount!

Getting Started

To join a mount farming party:
  • Unlock the specified duty ahead of time or, if not specified, have as many extreme trials unlocked as possible from the specified expansion.
  • Ensure you meet level and ilvl requirements for the duty or as specified by the host.
  • Watch/read any guide provided by the host ahead of time.
  • Sign up using the signup sheet in #📝event-signup if there is one, or message the host directly.
  • Plan to join Discord voice chat during the session, at least to listen, if specified by the host.


Stormblood Omega Savage Raids
Shadowbringers Eden Savage Raids

Group Format

Mount farming groups consist of a party holding up to 8 players at a time. Fun Club mount farming session hosts will keep track of additional people interested and swap them in as people get mounts.
The event host will invite people to group up and coordinate what duty the party will be farming.
There are usually no signup sheets, so just show up at the start time and ask to join! But if there is a signup sheet, sign up to have priority!

Event Process

When party recruitment is complete, the event host will select to undersize (unsync) the duty, may do a ready check to ensure everyone's ready and then head in!
Event hosts will help people in the following ways:
  • Unlocking duties
  • Using Party Finder as needed
  • Ensuring the duty will be done unsync'd if possible
  • Confirming everyone meets minimum requirements for the duty
  • Coordinating swapping people out as they get mounts and others want to join to get them
  • Taking requests or using a duty that most people have to help the most FC members
The goal is to clear and re-clear the same duty multiple times until everyone that needs the mount gets it. Please plan to stay for an hour or two to get your own mount and to help others get theirs!
For Fun Club sessions, all loot is up for grabs in Free For All (FFA) format!
At the end, consider taking a group photo of everyone on the mount to post in Discord!