Treasure Maps

Treasure maps parties are @Content Farming opportunities where people group up and seek hidden riches throughout the lands!

Getting Started

Complete the level 36 quest Treasures and Tribulations.
To join treasure map parties:
  • Unlock all zones of the map type the event host is going for.
  • Bring at least one 8-person treasure map to share! The map type should be one that the event host has specified.
  • Post your interest in joining for maps in FC chat when the host groups up!
Maps can be gathered from special nodes or most can be purchased from the Market Board.
The event host will specify the types of maps and expansions they'll be going for.
The 8-player map types include:
Open the map and try to find the location! Use for help locating the spot.
Corresponding map location found on

Group Format

Map groups consist of parties holding up to 8 players at a time. Fun Club treasure map session hosts will split and balance people into multiple parties as needed if there's more interest.
The event host will invite people to group up and coordinate parties.
There are no signup sheets, so just show up at the start time and ask to join!

Event Process


After joining a party, people can start posting the location of their first map.
Party leaders will say when people should start heading to the first location.
Individual party leaders may determine how to proceed with their group's map locations. Examples include doing locations in order, completing as many locations in a zone together as possible, going to the location of whoever teleports first, etc.


When the party gets to the map location, the owner of the map for that location uses /dig to find the treasure box!
The map owner will click to open the box and spring a trap with various monsters to defeat.
After defeating the mobs, open the chest and collect the reward! If lucky (or when using a "Special" or "Thief" map), the map also springs open a ~portal~!


When any treasure chest is opened, there's a chance it can drop items to roll for!
For Fun Club sessions, the loot rule is Free For All (FFA), so click 'Need' for a chance to win!


If a portal pops up, the map owner can click on it to enter (once all rewards have been distributed).
There are two types of portals:


Roulette wheels have a highlighted marker go around a wheel along the outside of the arena and land on a point. Hopefully the point isn't purple, which will kick you out!
The map owner just clicks to start the wheel and off it goes! There's no decision making to be done, so relax and enjoy life without consequences for your decisions.
If the wheel lands on a regular space, a mini boss will appear in the arena! Take it out to be able to open the center chest for rewards!


Dungeons involve going through a series of stages to make your way through to the final stage!
The owner of the map can click to open the chest on each stage to spring a trap that releases monsters to take out. After they're dispatched, the chest will release rewards!
The map owner then picks to go left or right (or center in the case of a Thief Map), clicks to open the door and crosses their finger that they're lucky!

Gambler's Lure

The Gambler's Lure activates!
In Shadowbringers and higher dungeons, a game of High-or-Low (aka Gambler's Lure) may pop up with two floating cards. This is the same mini game played against an NPC in Shadowbringers' Eulmore Beehive.
If the map owner wants to play, click to Try Luck and the first card on the left will reveal a number of icons.
Decide whether the card on the right will be Higher or Lower than the card on the left.
Guess if the card on the right will have more icons or less icons than the left card. The number of icons can be between 1 and 10. Once you've decided, click the corresponding 'Higher' or 'Lower' button next to the chest.
If you guessed correctly, the screen will say "The Lock Clicks!"
Open the chest when you've had enough or go all the way! But if your guess is incorrect, you'll fail and relinquish all rewards!
The guess was correct, and the lock clicks!

Numbered Adds

A series of numbered adds may sometimes appear in the arena!
Take out these numbered adds in order (1 to 5) to get a bonus chest! If they're not taken out in order, a sack may be dropped with a smaller bonus reward.

Golden/Special Adds

Special adds may sometimes appear in the arena!
Golden adds will drop sacks of gil, and rainbow yetis/golems often drop some goodies! Focus on taking them down first!

Rainbow Doors

If a door glows rainbow with a rainbow path in front of it, go to that one!
That door is guaranteed to give a successful path!

Stage Completion

At the end, after beating the final boss, enjoy your rich rewards! The final chests usually give everyone at least 100k gil each and has a valuable item to roll for!
Consider taking a group photo to post in Discord!