❄️Starlight Party!

Sunday, December 26, 2021 at 5:00pm PST

Come for some Starlight fun and get tasty treats from Saki!

Secret Santa

Join our Secret Santa gift exchange to get matched to a person and give them a gift at the Starlight Party!

β˜† Vi Ria is the Secret Santa Coordinator!

  1. RSVP by December 19 at: https://ff14fun.club/secret-santa

    • Only register if you can attend the Starlight Party on December 26.

  2. Names are drawn on December 20.

    • Watch your Discord DMs to see who you’re matched with to get a gift for.

  3. Get a gift for the person up to a limit of 1,000,000 gil, or $10 Mog Station item.

  4. Come to the Starlight Party to exchange gifts!

    • If you end up not being able to attend the Starlight Party, plan to meet up or send your gift to your matched recipient by December 31.

Note: Must be part of the Fun Club FC to participate in Secret Santa.

Starlight Fashion Contest!

Let the winter season spark your imagination! Dress in your best Starlight Holiday outfit!


It’s cold outside, and Santa wants to see how you dress for the season! Dress in your best winter holiday outfit and see if you can impress Santa in his magical contest!


  • First Place Prize: 1,500,000 gil

  • Second Place Prize: 1,000,000 gil

  • Third Place Prize: 500,000 gil

  • Consolation Prize: 50,000 gil

  • Popular Choice Prize: 250,000 gil & Snowman Mount (donated by Little Fatboy)


  1. Register in the Discord #event-signup channel or contact an officer if interested!

  2. Send a description and your inspiration for your outfit to Hana Song ahead of time to be announced when called up on stage.


β˜† Santa Ferric, Madam Katherine and Sumielle Avendin and are judges!

To vote for Popular Choice, send Madam a /tell with your favorite contestant!

Scoring Criteria

  • Grooming: Hair style and hair color matches overall outfit.

  • Modeling skills: Displays confidence. Walks on stage and centers with an appropriate amount of time. Uses appropriate, well timed, and graceful gestures.

  • Theme: Outfit appropriately matches the theme of the contest without mismatching or confusing pieces.

  • Originality: Outfit shows relative originality with respect to current trends. Current trends may be reflected, but appropriately interpreted without losing personal flair.

  • Color: Color is becoming to the individual’s personal clothing, figure, and personality. Color combinations used in the garment are pleasing.

  • Accessories: Style and color are becoming to model, suitable to style of garment, and suitable for intended purpose. Includes earrings, necklace, bracelet, and rings.

  • Overall coordination: Outfit creates a total effect that is well coordinated.

Note: Must be a member of Fun Club FC to participate in the fashion contest.


Roll high or low to win a variety of prizes like minions, mounts, gil and Mog Station goodies!

β˜† Vi Ria is the Giveaway Host!

  • Use /dice fc to enter.

  • Host announces the highest number or lowest number to win.

Note: Must be a member of Fun Club FC to win prizes.


Spread the holiday cheer with music and dancing!

Holiday Movie Night!

Join us in Discord for a fun winter holiday movie!

Proposed Itinerary

5:00pm Group Photos & Start!

5:30pm Secret Santa!

  • The Secret Santa coordinator comes up and explains the process.

  • Coordinator calls up the first person on the list.

  • Person comes up on stage and says who they got a gift for.

  • Gift recipients come up on stage to receive a gift, then say who they got a gift for.

  • Continues until all participants have come up and received their gift!

6:00 Giveaways!

6:30 Winter Fashion Contest

  • Contestants head backstage.

  • Hana Song calls contestants up one-by-one.

  • Send Madam a /tell with the name of the contestant in your favorite outfit.

  • Contestants all return on stage to take group photos!

  • Santa Ferric announces winners, including the popular choice winner at the end.

  • Contestants come up and receive prizes from Hana.

7:00 Group Photo

7:15 Magical Music!

8:15 Giveaways!

8:45 ~Closing~

9:00 Winter Holiday Movie Night!

  • Join us in Discord to watch a winter holiday movie!


1st Place Winner

Saya Malqir

2nd Place Winner

Used Napkin

3rd Place Winner

Calliope Calypso

Popular Choice Winner

Calliope Calypso


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