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FC member and officer ranks!
Fun Club’s goal is for everyone to have fun while helping to build a friendly community of like-minded adventurers.
Ranks in the Free Company support that goal by offering a variety of time-based ranks that can be applied for. Promotions come with increasing levels of privilege, trust and responsibility!
Use Member Lookup to request a promotion!

Member Ranks


Starting rank for all newcomers!
  • Invitations
  • Short Message
  • Crystal deposits
  • FC Chest Box 1 access
  • FC Chest Box 2 & 3 viewing
  • Gil deposits
  • Estate Hall Access
  • Stabling Chocobos
  • Training Members’ Chocobos
  • Project Material Delivery
  • Project Progression
  • Request free Thavnairian Onions
  • Request free FC credit-based items


Apply to become a brave Hero after 3 months!
Heroes are members who've stayed with us for a quarter of a year!
  • All privileges of Adventurer
  • FC Chest Box 2 access
  • FC Chest Box 3 viewing


Apply to become a trustworthy Guardian after 6 months!
Guardians are members who've had fun with us for at least half a year!
  • All privileges of Hero
  • FC Chest Box 3 access
  • Garden planting, harvesting and crop disposal
  • Orchestrion operation


Apply to become the renown Legend after 1 year!
Legends are members who've amazingly stayed with us for a year! They've decided to call us home, and we hope they've enjoyed their time with us!
  • All privileges of Guardian
  • Crystals full access
  • Project Commencement/Discontinuation
  • Project Item Collection
  • Airship/Sub Color Customization


Apply to become the exceptional Paragon after 2 years!
Paragons are members who've stayed with us for two whole years! Amazing!
Same privileges as Legend.


Apply to become a shining Luminary after 3 years!
Luminaries are members who've stayed with us for three years! WOW!
Same privileges as Legend.


Alt characters with the same privileges as Adventurer.
People inactive for 365 days may be discharged.

Officer Ranks

Archon ☆

Archons are considered representatives of Fun Club. They consist of founders and enthusiastic members who want to help support the free company! Candidates must have completed the Endwalker main story, including all current main patches to be able to help members with the latest duties. Candidates must have been in the FC for at least 45 days for consideration.
Archons log in regularly (at least a few times per week), socialize with members in-game and/or on Discord voice and text channels, and volunteer to perform various organizational tasks. Tasks may include executing company actions, managing gardens, company workshop projects and vehicles, handling various aspects of member management, supporting membership benefits, hosting and supporting events, posting on social media, and more!
Archons are expected to maintain good communication with leadership, including responding to tells, the officers LS, Discord DMs, and discussions in officer Discord channels.
Archons are entrusted with some of the highest levels of free company privileges, access to officer communication channels, and officer-level organizational documents. As an Archon, you have the highest distinction in the FC below the Antecedent and Mascot and embody a foundational responsibility and obligation to be open, friendly and helpful towards everyone in the Fun Club community.
Those in the Archon rank may volunteer as general officers with a variety of general duties or may be specialized with a focus on events, socializing or raids.

Archon ♥ Social

Social officers are community guides that support all aspects of Fun Club's social experience. People in this position should be outgoing, charismatic and eager to help us improve our community's social atmosphere!

Archon ☆ Events

Events officers support the FC's events schedule by hosting weekly content-based events. People in this position may lead learning parties for current content, mount farming opportunities, open world or zoned content group-ups, raiding groups, etc.

Archon ♦ Raids

The Raid Coordinator supports all aspects of high-end FC raiding. Each tier, the person in this position plans, promotes and coordinates FC raid statics, recruits and fills for FC statics as needed, and organizes static information in Discord and the FC calendar.
Archons are offered 500k gil and a Company Tabard when promoted for the first time.
Archons receive a monthly gift of 500k-1m gil as a thank-you for their support!
  • All privileges of Legend
  • Invitations
  • Promotion/Demotion
  • Applications
  • Company Board
  • Company Credits Usage
  • Executing Actions
  • Discarding Actions
  • Full Access to all FC Chest Boxes
  • Full Access to Crystals
  • Aetherial Wheel Use
  • Message Book Management
  • Project Item Collection
  • Prototype Creation
  • Airship/Sub Outfitting
  • Airship/Sub Renaming
  • Voyage Deployment/Recall
  • Voyage Finalization
  • Officer channels
  • Voting privileges
  • Document-level access

Co-Leader ★

Works directly with Antecedent to explore ideas and create opportunities for the FC! Supports all aspects of the FC.
All permissions and access levels.
Co-Leader receives a monthly gift of 1-2m gil as a thank-you for their support!
  • All privileges of Archon
  • Company Profile
  • Crest Design
  • Estate Renaming
  • Greeting Customization
  • Guest Access/Estate Tag Settings
  • Hall Remodeling
  • Paint Fixtures/Furnishings
  • Furnishing Placement/Removal
  • Retainer Dispatchment

Antecedent ★

Leader and one of the founding members! Supports all aspects of the FC.
All permissions and access levels.
Leader receives a monthly gift of 1-2m gil as a thank-you for their support!