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Support the FC!

Want to help give back to the FC? Here are some ways to support us!

Host an event!

Events are one of the most important aspects of our FC, and everyone is welcome to host one! Scheduled Fun Club events help create open opportunities for everyone in the FC community!
Some example events include:
    • Treasure maps
    • Mount farming
    • Endgame learning parties
    • Blue mage parties
    • Trivia night
    • Hide-and-seek
    • Discord movie/game night
    • Roleplay event
See Event Hosting for information on how you can host an event!
Donations to the FC chest help support FC things like services, parties, contests and giveaways! All donations get added to our donations leaderboard and are announced at our meetings.
If you donate, please let our officer Madam Katherine know!
See Donations to see our donations leaderboard!

Boost our Discord!

Our FC Discord server can have neat features like a custom invite URL, improved audio and video quality, more space for stickers and emotes, and more!
Help us keep these great features by boosting our Discord server!

Support us on Ko-Fi!

Donations on Ko-Fi go towards our website, services and Mog Station items for giveaways!
All donations get added to our donations page, announced at our meetings and posted to our #♥supporters channel!
As a supporter, you can connect your Discord to Ko-Fi to get a special role in the FC server!
FC Patron: Subscriber donation! FC Supporter: One-time donation!

Contribute items to FC chest!

For anything valued under 100k gil on the Brynhildr market board, you are welcome to add them to the FC chest in boxes 1-3 for others to use!
Please only contribute finished items, like food, minions and furnishings, and avoid adding materials unless it's needed for the FC. See Donate FC-needed items!
See FC Chest to see the kinds of items you can put in the various boxes.
We enjoy giving away high-valued items during special FC Events!
Anything valued over 100k gil on the Brynhildr market board would make for great giveaway items!
If you have an item you'd like to donate towards a giveaway, please contact an officer to trade it!
The FC regularly needs a variety of items for organizational purposes!
If you have FC-needed items you'd like to donate, please contact an officer to trade it!
Submarines for fundraising
Submarines are used purely for fundraising!
Like sending retainers on ventures, we send submarines out on voyages to return high-value items that we use to earn us 10m+ per month! We use those funds for giveaways, contests, housing, raid food, stipends, and more!
Submarine parts regularly wear down and require repairs with Magitek Repair Material. For 4 submarines, we use about 288 repair materials per month.
To repair the submarines, we need:
We sometimes also have submarine part-building projects where we'll ask members to help contribute materials! Be on the lookout for our next project!
Grade 3 Actions (Buffs) for bonus EXP
Grade 3 actions provide even more buff benefits for a day!
Grade 3 Wheels are crafted in the Company Workshop, then charged and converted into a usable Grade 3 action by an officer.
We regularly craft and charge Grade 3 Wheel of Confrontation to activate Heat of Battle III actions for everyone to enjoy! We try to have 8 wheels crafted and charged per month.
To craft these wheels, we typically need:
Gardens for Chocobo onions
Garden plots are used to grow Thavnairian Onions!
We provide Thavnairian Onions to members for free, which they can use with their own Chocobo companions to rank them up past 10. With Chocobos having a max rank of 20, that means each member may presumably need up to 10 onions each.
To grow these onions, we need:
Raid food for high-end content
Raid food is essential for anyone participating in high-end content!
We provide current-tier raid food to members for free, which provides very useful buffs to help people complete high-end content duties more easily.
Check out Box 3 to see what current-tier raid food we need!

Become an officer!

FC officers help us in a wide range of areas!
We split officers into three groups:
  • Archon (general officers): responsible for background organizational tasks
  • Archon Events (event officers): hosts weekly events
  • Archon Social (social officers): hosts monthly events and sparks community socializing
See Officer Application for openings!