🎟️Anniversary Raffle!

May Luck be with You!

The Fun Club Jumbo Raffle is an opportunity for you to help us fundraise with the chance of winning something as well at the end of the month!

Funds raised through the raffle go towards parties, contests, housing and giveaways!


The Fun Club Jumbo Raffle has the following setup:

  • Ticket cost: 50k gil each

  • Max tickets per person: 20

  • Deposit type: direct to FC chest

  • Winnings: 2 winners for 10% of pot, 1 winner for 30% of pot

  • Raffle Hosts: Ravnie Kinjo & Feldar Aulsoran

  • Runtime: May 1 - May 29

  • Drawing event: May 29 FC Anniversary Gala

  • Drawing method: In-game command /random [ticket total] (e.g. /random 55)

  • Eligibility: FC members only, no alts. Must meet with a raffle host to purchase.

Buying Tickets

To purchase a raffle ticket, meet with a Raffle Host!

Raffle Hosts may have specific open times at the FC House, or you may contact them to schedule a time to meet up!

  1. A Raffle Host will ask how many tickets you wish to purchase.

  2. After you decide on the number of tickets, the Raffle Host will say how much gil it will cost and direct you to deposit the amount directly into the FC chest.

  3. After verifying your deposit, the Raffle Host will assign you a set of numbers for your tickets.

Note: You may purchase tickets on behalf of other members! Ask a Raffle Host for info!


At the Fun Club Anniversary Gala on May 29, the Raffle Hosts will draw winners!

1st drawing: 10% of pot 2nd drawing: 10% of pot 3rd drawing: 30% of pot

Drawings will be done using the in-game /random command.

Don't have to be present to win: winnings will be held for later pickup if needed.


Kamikaze Wind won 2,100,000 gil with ticket #47!

Zafkiel Tokisaki won 2,100,000 gil with ticket #8!

Civic Si won 6,300,000 gil with ticket #318!

Giveaway Raffles

During special events, the FC gives away a variety of things that members can win, including minions, mounts, glamour, furnishings, gil, Mog Station items and more!

Giveaway Hosts begin by announcing the start of a giveaway! Posts are typically done with either /shout or /yell chat. Note that people must be FC members to win a prize.

The Giveaway Host will explain the following:

  1. Items can be rolled for only using a command they specify (/random or /dice fc).

  2. Participants must roll according to the Giveaway Host's winning criteria to win!

    • Example: The Giveaway host will specify to roll High to win!

  3. Participants can practice rolling using the specified command.

The Giveaway Host will then start the process:

  1. Announce an item people will roll for by <link>ing the item to chat.

  2. Choose for people to roll either high or low to win the item!

  3. Kick off rolling with some roll-start text like: READY? Set! ROLL!

  4. End rolling in some way, such as by asking "any other rolls?" or with a countdown e.g.: 3... 2... 1... ROLLS CLOSED

  5. Examine rolls and announce the winner! Winner comes up to receive the prize!

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