All Saints Day Party!

Saturday, October 31, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT

Spooky Joke Time

Come up to the stage and tell a spooky joke or pun!

Fashion Contest!

Dress in your best Halloween outfit! Spooky, cute, or anything in-between!
  • Vi Ria, Hana Song and Kiki Furrytail are judges.
  • First Place Prize (Mog Station items up to $15, donated by Lynn Locke)
  • Second Place Prize (1,000,000 gil)
  • Third Place Prize (600,000 gil)
  • Consolation Prize (50,000 gil)
  • Popular Choice Prize (300,000 gil)
    • People send Vi Ria a /tell with their favorite outfit.

Scoring Criteria

  • Contestants submit a description and inspiration of their outfit ahead of time for the announcement.
  • Grooming: Hair style and hair color matches overall outfit.
  • Modeling skills: Displays confidence. Walks on stage and centers with an appropriate amount of time. Uses appropriate, well timed, and graceful gestures.
  • Theme: Outfit appropriately matches the theme of the contest without mismatching or confusing pieces.
  • Originality: Outfit shows relative originality with respect to current trends. Current trends may be reflected, but appropriately interpreted without losing personal flair.
  • Color: Color is becoming to the individual’s personal clothing, figure, and personality. Color combinations used in the garment are pleasing.
  • Accessories: Style and color are becoming to model, suitable to style of garment, and suitable for intended purpose. Includes earrings, necklace, bracelet, and rings.
  • Overall coordination: Outfit creates a total effect that is well coordinated.


Roll to your death and win big!
  • People tell the host if they’re participating.
  • Host organizes participants in an order.
  • First participant does /dice to make a roll between 1 and 999.
  • Next participant uses the last participant’s result and does /dice [number]
    • Example: First participant rolls 879. Second participant then does /dice 879
  • Participants keep going in order until someone rolls a 1.
  • Participant who rolls a 1 is dead and out!
  • Continue with the participant that would come after the dead person.
  • Winner of a round cannot participate in subsequent rounds.
  • First Round Prize (200,000 gil)
  • Second Round Prize (Mog Station Back-flip Emote, donated by Madam Katherine)


Roll high or low, according to the host, to win big!
  • 3 Winners (200,000 / 100,000 / 75,000 gil prizes)
  • Use /random to enter.
  • Host announces highest number or lowest number to win.

City Trick-or-Treat

Visit the main cities of Eorzea and pass out treats!
  • Limsa, Gridana, Ul’Dah
  • Jack-o’-Lantern, Ginger Cookie, Sweet and Sour Frogs' Legs
  • Optionally do fun emotes as ‘tricks’!

Fun Spooky Movie Night!

Join us in Discord for a fun Halloween movie!
Note: Must be part of Fun Club FC to win prizes.

Proposed Itinerary

6:00 Spooky Joke Time
  • Everyone at FC house by the stage.
  • People come up on stage to tell a spooky joke!
6:15 Fashion Contest
  • Contestants go backstage and change.
  • Host calls contestants up one-by-one, who come out to the runway.
  • Host takes photos of each contestant.
  • Contestants return backstage after completing their runway walk.
  • Everyone sends Lead Judge /tells with the name of the person with their favorite outfit
  • Judges count up and compare scores.
  • Lead Judge announces winners one-by-one.
  • Contestants come up and receive prizes from Host.
  • Contestants all return on stage to take group photos.
7:00 Deathrolls
  • People interested in participating tell the host and go up on stage.
  • Host organizes people in an order.
  • Commence deathrolling!
  • People who get “killed” exit to the crowd.
  • Last person “alive” for each round receives a prize from Hana Song.
8:00 City Trick-or-Treat Parade
  • People interested in parading through the streets parties up.
  • Participants obtain treat sets from officers.
  • Participants dress up in a Halloween-themed outfit.
  • Everyone travels to Limsa at route start, then starts walking towards the checkpoint.
  • /say Trick-or-Treat! Send me a /tell to get a trick or a treat!
  • If “trick,” do some funny emotes. If “treat,” give them a tasty food item.
  • Proceed through each checkpoint, then move on to the next city and repeat.
9:00 Movie Night
  • Join us in Discord to watch Hocus Pocus!


Fashion Contest

1st Platinum Star (Goro Majima, Yakuza game)
2nd Tsuyu & Zanes Ayase (Velma and Shaggy, Scooby-Doo show)
3rd Fluffy Rabbit (Jessica Rabbit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? movie)
Popular choice Tsuyu & Zanes Ayase
  • Ferric Fireheart
  • U’kiyah Vahna


1st round Okhi Eryut 2nd round Hana Song


75k Soup Boy 100k Kyubi Rex 200k Soup Boy