FATE Farming

FATE Farming sessions are Open World Content opportunities where people group up to complete many FATES in an area for some benefit or reward!
Join the Fun Club Zone Linkshell to chat and coordinate with people for FATE farming when there's multiple parties!

Getting Started

To join a FATE farming session:
  • Unlock as many areas as possible in the expansion specified by the host.
  • Post your interest in joining for FATE farming in FC chat when the host groups up!


The main reward in Shadowbringers and Endwalker expansions are bicolor gemstones which are earned for completing FATES. Bicolor gemstones can be used to purchase special items from an NPC found in their respective area.
Complete 30 FATEs in each area to unlock special vendors at the expansion's main cities!
View your current FATE completion status in Travel > Shared FATE.
Shared FATE screen

Group Format

FATE farming groups consist of parties holding up to 8 players at a time. Fun Club FATE farming session hosts will split and balance people into multiple parties as needed if there's more interest.
The event host will invite people to group up and coordinate parties.
There are no signup sheets, so just show up at the start time and ask to join!

Event Process

Party leaders usually check what areas people need and go to the area the most people need. Once an area has been decided, it's time to head over!
Someone should watch the map and mark a location in the area to head to. Complete the FATE and collect the reward! Then head to the next available FATE in the area.
When the game enables multiple instances, someone may take it upon themselves to change instances and mark a next FATE in that instance for people to head to.
If there are multiple parties for the session, the Fun Club Zone Linkshell should be used to post next FATE locations.