🌸Spring FC Room Contest!

Entry Period

Sunday, March 28 at 5:00pm (Pacific) - Sunday, April 25 at 4:00pm (Pacific)


Spring is here! Are those birds I hear? Beautifully blossoming plants? Cute and cuddly friends? Show us what spring means to you by decorating your FC room in a wonderful Spring theme!

Use a Spring Meadow Partition and a Hand Basket in your decor to spark your creativity!


  • First Place Prize: 3,000,000 gil

  • Second Place Prize: 1,500,000 gil

  • Third Place Prize: 750,000 gil

  • Popular Choice: 500,000 gil

  • Consolation Prize: 100,000 gil


Open to all FC members. You must have an FC room, or purchase an FC room if you don’t.

How to Enter

  1. Visit the Fun Club Discord #event-signup channel and react to the sign-up post before the Entry Period concludes to participate.

  2. Complete a full remodel of your FC room in the theme of β€œSpring”.

    • Your room must look different than before the contest entry period starts.

    • You must decorate your own room yourself.

    • You may use glitch techniques to decorate with.

    • You must use a Spring Meadow Partition and a Hand Basket, both provided by the FC, in your room decor. You want to try and be creative with these items, and they must be visible in some way.

    • It is recommended to make your room private during the entry period. You risk other people adapting your ideas if you leave your room public.

    • It is recommended to add a relevant description to your room, which will be used in the Popular Choice poll and may be mentioned during the awards FC meeting.

  3. Ensure your room is publicly open by the end of the Entry Period, Sunday, April 25 at 4:00pm (Pacific). You may be disqualified if your room is not open by that time.

Judging Period

Sunday, April 25 at 5:00pm (Pacific) - Sunday, May 2 at 4:00pm (Pacific)

Judges Vi Ria, Tokidoki Doki and Madam Katherine will judge FC rooms based on criteria related to the theme. Popular choice will be determined by vote via Survey Monkey poll.

Winners will be announced at the Sunday, May 2 FC Meeting at 5:00pm (Pacific).

1st Place Winner

Tigerlily Mau

2nd Place Winner

Sylvi Moon

3rd Place Winner

Celestia Straughime

Tigerlily Mau

Hot Nooodles


Hana Song

Mina Minx

Mona Moon

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