FC Chest

Learn about our Company Chest!
The FC chest is a free company feature that lets members store and take items from shared storage boxes. Boxes have various levels of access depending on member ranks.

Fun Club's FC Chest Boxes

FC Chest is for FC member use only. FC chest items are to be used by characters who are members of the FC. If you are part of the FC, only take what you need and can use on your FC member character from the Company Chest. No reselling or giving to non-FC characters.
At Fun Club, we've organized the FC Chest boxes to contain certain items. Please leave "cleaning out" and reorganizing items to officers except for Eternal Bond invites.

Box 1 (Adventurer and up)

Box 1 usually contains:
  • Food used for EXP gains
  • Confetti items
  • Chocobo stable items
  • Glamour items
  • Glamour prisms and dispellers
  • Eternal Bond invites
  • Other miscellaneous items

Box 2 (Hero and up)

Box 2 usually contains:
  • Orchestrion rolls
  • Minions
  • Furnishings
  • Dyes
  • Valuable materia
  • Eternal Bond invites

Box 3 (Guardian and up)

Box 3 usually contains:
  • Thavnairian Onions
  • Current raid food
  • Seeds used for gardening
  • Slightly more valuable items
  • Other generally valuable materials

Box 4 (Officers)

Box 4 contains:
  • Special materials used for workshop prototypes
  • Materials used to craft Grade III Wheels
  • Parts for airships and submarines
  • FC furnishings and housing items
  • Items used to deploy voyages (Ceruleum Tank, Magitek Repair Materials)
  • Valuables used for pure fundraising
  • Special FC-only confetti items

Box 5 (Officers)

Box 5 contains refills for Box 3 and all items meant for giveaways and prizes!
If you'd like to donate a valuable item for our giveaways, please contact Archons!
Items in this box are generally each worth at least 100k gil on the MB.
Some amount of organization is preferred, such as keeping minions together, furnishings together, expensive materials at the bottom, etc.