🐰Hatching-tide Fun!

Sunday, April 17, 2022 at 5:00pm PDT

Have some fun on Easter Sunday with candy, a spring glam show, photo booth, a scavenger hunt and giveaways!

Yummy Candy!

β˜† Get some tasty treats from Feldar Aulsoran!

Spring Glam Show!

Dress up in a β€œSpring” outfit and show it off on stage for fun!

Fresh grass, blossoming flowers, sunshine and rainbows!

Dress in an outfit that reminds you of Spring and show us on stage!

Spring Photo Booth!

Check out the Hatching-tide photo booth in the yard!

Get cute photos taken and see them posted in our Discord #spring-photobooth channel!

β˜† Vi Ria is the Photo Booth Photographer!

Scavenger Hunt!

Oh no! The lights have gone out in the FC house and we need your help to find the Ahriman culprits!

Help us find all 10 and report them to Sumi for a prize!

β˜† Sumielle Avendin is the Scavenger Hunt Host!


Roll high or low to win a variety of prizes like minions, mounts, gil and Mog Station goodies!

β˜† Feldar Aulsoran is the Giveaway Host!

  • Use /dice fc to enter.

  • Host announces the highest number or lowest number to win.

Note: Must be a member of Fun Club FC to win prizes.

Proposed Itinerary

5:00pm Start!

  • Group Photo

  • Candy Game

  • Spring Photo Booth

5:30 Giveaways!

6:00 Spring Glam Show!

6:30 Giveaways!

7:00 Scavenger Hunt!

  • Search the FC house for all 10 Stuffed Ahriman!

  • Use first-person mode to search. No collaborating or sharing answers!

  • After finding all 10, send a /tell or Discord message to Sumielle with the spots.

  • All participants will get to choose a minion from Sumielle's list.

8:00 Close & Group Photo!

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