Learning Parties

Learning Parties are usually High-end Content opportunities where people sign up to learn a high-end duty from a host who knows the fight!
We are a casual FC! All learning parties are considered to be done at a casual level. Participants are expected to reasonably know their job. Groups have a primary goal of learning with the hope of clearing.

Getting Started

To join a learning party:
  • Unlock the specified duty ahead of time.
  • Ensure you meet level and ilvl requirements for the duty or as specified by the host.
  • Watch/read the guide provided by the host ahead of time.
  • Sign up using the signup sheet in #📝event-signup or contact the host directly.
  • Plan to join Discord voice chat during the session, at least to listen, if specified by the host.
  • Plan to stay for the duration of the session as specified by the host.

Group Format

Learning party groups consist of a party holding up to 8 players at a time. Fun Club learning party session hosts may keep track of additional people interested but may not be able to include them during a session if the session is full. Feel free to ask if they can host another session if you weren't able to join!
The event host will invite people to group up and coordinate the party. They may start a Party Finder session to fill spots as needed since most high-end content duties can't be done undersized.
There is almost always a signup sheet, so visit the Discord #📝event-signup channel to sign up or contact the host directly.

Event Process

When party recruitment is complete, the event host may do a ready check to ensure everyone is ready and then head in!
The event host will:
  • Set up markers, clock positions, light parties as needed.
  • Coordinate special conditions (e.g. special dps positions, tank mitigations, healer timings, etc).
  • Do voice call outs during sessions if offered.
  • Troubleshoot where things are going wrong.
  • Recruit and fill as needed.
The goal is to learn and hopefully clear! But note that clearing is definitely not guaranteed. We encourage you to take your newfound knowledge and try joining a Party Finder group to continue learning and clear!
For Fun Club sessions, all loot is up for grabs in Free For All (FFA) format!
After clearing, consider taking a group photo of everyone on the mount to post in Discord!