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πŸͺŸZone Parties

Zone Parties are opportunities where people group up to enter Eureka, Bozja or Zadnor instanced zones (aka Adventuring Forays).

Getting Started

To unlock Eureka, complete:

To unlock Bozja, complete:

Join the Fun Club Zone Linkshell to chat and coordinate with people for all zone content!

Group Format

Zone party groups consist of parties holding up to 8 players at a time. Fun Club zone party session hosts will split people into multiple parties depending on what zones they have available.

The event host will invite people to group up and coordinate parties.

There are no signup sheets, so just show up at the start time and ask to join!

Event Process

When the event host has finished grouping people together based on available areas, it's time to head in!

The primary goal is to learn how the zoned content works and to progress through the story. Not everyone will progress through the story at the same pace, but it can be nice to try!

Along the way, you can work on your relic weapons, level up where available, and collect rewards from chests, turn-ins and special currencies!


Event hosts will help newcomers in the following ways:


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