Crafting/Gathering Help

We have lots of members willing to craft for others!
Feel free to ask for help in-game or in Discord but be sure to tip!

Discord Crafting/Gathering Channel

The #crafting-gathering channel is used to talk about FFXIV crafting and gathering, and to make requests.
Use pings as needed for requests: @Crafter @Gatherer

Teamcraft FC Lists

To make requests easier, you can join the FC's Teamcraft Team and use the Teamcraft List system to create your crafting or gathering request.
As a crafter or gatherer, you can join the FC Teamcraft Team and mark yourself as

Tip Your Crafters!

If you have something crafted or gathered for you, offer them a tip to show your appreciation!
Crafters and gatherers spend a lot of time and effort to get to where they are. And some requests themselves can take a while to fulfill.
We'd like to encourage a community of appreciation, so please show yours with a tip!