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Raid Helper

The Raid Helper bot is used to create signup sheets for events!
Signup sheets can be useful to determine jobs people will play, list people in signup priority, show event times in people’s local time, and generally gauge who will attend the event.
Events that typically use signup sheets include latest expansion learning parties, latest expansion mount farming sessions, and special contests and events.
Ask an officer to add you as an Event Host in Discord. You can then use the Raid Helper bot to create a sign-up sheet.
See Event Hosting for information about hosting an FC event.
See Signup Participation for information about event etiquette, signup options and participant priority.
Vist Raid Helper Templates for copy-pasteable Raid Helper command templates!

Create an Event

There are 3 ways to create an event: Raid Helper website, Raid Helper wizard prompts, or using a Raid Helper commands.

Raid Helper Website

Visit the Raid Helper website at:​
Click Dashboard to see all options, including event creation and event overview pages.
In Event creation, you can optionally click the folder icon to view and load "Profiles" which are event templates to help quickly create common events or have a starting point for new events.

Event Creation Wizard

The !create command can be used to start the event creation wizard as a series of Discord Direct Messages sent to you. Be sure to enable DMs from others.
To create a new event with the wizard:
  1. 1.
    Go to the #📝event-signup channel and enter the command !create to start the wizard. In the DM sent to you, enter a response for each prompt.
  2. 2.
    Select a template for this event.
    • Template 10 is the FFXIV format used to include individual jobs.
    • Template 8 is the Basic format for 'Yes' and other simpler options.
  3. 3.
    Enter a title for this event.
    • Example: Cinder Drift EX Learning Party!
  4. 4.
    Enter a description for this event.
    • Description should include:
      • Goal for the event
      • Who's hosting the event
      • Requirements for the event
      • Expected timeframe for the event
      • Link to any video guides or references
    • See Raid Helper Templates for examples.
  5. 5.
    Enter or select a channel for this event.
    • If the wizard was started in the Event Signup channel, enter 0 for the event to be created in the same channel.
    • If the wizard was started somewhere else, enter#📝event-signup or select the channel using the wizard's dropdown menu.
  6. 6.
    Enter a date.
    • Format is MM-DD-YYYY
    • Example: 12-24-2021
  7. 7.
    Enter a time.
    • Format is HH:mm or hh:mm a
    • Example: 18:00 or 10:30 PM
  8. 8.
    Select an option or finish the event creation. Use these additional options to improve your event!
    • 03 Mentions Enter members or roles to be mentioned on event creation.
      • Example: High-end Content
    • 04 Image Upload an image or enter a URL.
    • 05 Color Pick the event color.
      • Use a color that best matches the colors of the duty.
      • Example: 04 for Dark red for Cinder Drift EX
    • 07 Announcement
      • Send a message to a channel or direct message to people a certain amount of time before the event.
      • Enter a channel name or keyword for the announcement.
        • Signed will message all signed up members except absentees.
        • Unsigned will message all unsigned members with a raider role.
        • Example: Signed
      • Enter the announcement time in minutes before the event.
        • Example: 60
      • Enter the message you want to send.
        • Example: Cinder Drift EX is in 1hr! If you signed up, please be sure you meet requirements and are ready for the timeframe as noted on the signup sheet!
  9. 9.
    01 Finish
    • Enter 01 to finish the wizard and see the event created.

Create Command

The !create command can be used with additional variables to immediately create an event without having to go through the wizard.
See Raid Helper Templates for more quick creation templates.
!create [title:Seat of Sacrifice EX Learning Party!][description:
Let's learn Seat of Sacrifice EX from Shadowbringers!
Hosted by P'tako Agemo
• Unlock the duty ahead of time.
• Watch a video guide ahead of time.
• Review the reference guide ahead of time.
• Job signed up with must have min. avg. ilvl 500.
• Discord voice chat is recommended for FC participants.
• Plan to stay for up to 1.5hrs from the duty start time.
• Inform the host if you will be late, or your spot may be given up.
• Allow up to 30min to group-up for noted latecomers.
Reference guide:
Video guide:
][channel:📝event-signup][image:][color:25][mentions:High-end Content][announcement:Signed, 60, Seat of Sacrifice EX is in 1hr! If you signed up, please be sure you meet requirements and are ready for the timeframe as noted on the signup sheet!][date:11-09-2021][time:11:00 pm][leader:P'tako Agemo][template:10]

Move Expired Events

After an event has concluded, an officer will manually move the event from the #📝event-signup channel to the #event-signup-archive channel.
To move the event:
  1. 1.
    Go to the #event-signup-archive channel.
  2. 2.
    Enter the command !move [ID] replacing [ID] with the ID of the event to move.
    • The event ID can be seen by looking above the event title on the signup sheet.

Additional Commands

!edit [ID]
Starts the Raid-Helper event editing wizard.
!signed [ID] [keyword] [txt] !signed ID message Hello! Just a reminder that this event will start in 1hr!
Messages all attending users of the specified event.
!add [ID] [role] [user] !add [ID] Tank--Paladin Ferric Fireheart
Adds the user with the specified role to an event.
!remove [ID] [user]
Removes the user from the specified event.
To remove multiple users, put the user names in [] brackets and separate by comma.
!close [ID]
Locks the event from further Sign-Ups. You can still add/remove users manually.
Opens the deletion dialogue in DMs.
!events upcoming
Sends an embed message with all upcoming events.

Additional Resources

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