Role Selection

Discord roles can be used to ping you when new event opportunities are coming up or when someone has a question to ask.
React to messages in the #⚡role-selection channel to add roles to your profile!
General Roles
Gender Roles
Combat Roles
Non-Combat Roles

@High-end Content

Savage raids, endgame EX trials, etc.

@Open World Content

Treasure maps, FATEs, etc.
@Deep Dungeons
Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High.
@Content Farming
Mount farming, minion farming, Blue Mage spell farming, etc.
@Instanced Zones
Stormblood's Eureka zone and Shadowbringer's Bozja/Zadnor zones.
Anime, movies, etc.
Other games to play with people.
Roleplaying as your FFXIV character.
Optionally select your preferred pronouns.
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for @They/Them
Which combat roles do you prefer playing the most?
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Which non-combat roles do you enjoy playing?
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