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Signup Sheets

Raid Helper signup sheets let people sign up for your event!
After your event is finalized and approved, ask Hana Song to add you as an Event Host in Discord to create a signup sheet!
Signup sheets are great for:
  • Determining jobs people will play
  • Listing people in signup priority
  • Showing event times in people’s local time
  • Automatically adding a Discord event for awareness, and
  • Gauging how many will attend the event

Create a Signup Sheet

  1. 1.
    Visit the Raid Helper website and click Dashboard to sign in with your Discord.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    Click the folder icon at the bottom to load an existing Profile or continue to step 4
  4. 4.
    Enter details into the form:
    • Enter a date and time (Pacific timezone)
    • Template
      • Choose Final Fantasy XIV to have individual jobs listed.
      • Choose Standard or Basic format for 'Yes' and other simpler options.
    • Channel: #📝event-signup
    • Title
      • Example: Cinder Drift EX Learning Party!
    • Description
      • Description should include:
        • Goal for the event.
        • Who's hosting the event.
        • Requirements for the event.
        • Expected timeframe for the event.
        • Link to any video guides or references.
      • See Raid Helper Templates for more examples.
  5. 5.
    Select options in the tabs:


Select roles to be mentioned on event creation
  • Example: High-end Content, Content Farming


Pick the event color
  • Use a color that best matches the colors of the duty.
  • Example: Dark red for Cinder Drift EX


Upload an image or enter a URL

Voice Channel

Select a voice channel to use during the event
  • Example: Full Party
Send a message to a channel or direct message to people a certain amount of time before the event.


Select a group of people to send a message to at a certain time.
  • Signed will message all signed up members except absentees.
  • Unsigned will message all unsigned members with a raider role.


Enter the announcement time in minutes before the event.
  • Example: 60


Enter the message you want to send.
  • Example: Cinder Drift EX is in 1hr! If you signed up, please be sure you meet requirements and are ready for the timeframe as noted on the signup sheet!


Set the event to recur every x amount of days.
  • Example: 7 if it's a weekly event


Set the signup sheet to be posted at a later date.
6. Click Create Event
To edit the event, click the "Web View" at the bottom of the event in the #📝event-signup channel.
Example learning party event
Date: Sunday, September 25, 2022 7:00 PM
Template: Final Fantasy XIV
Channel: #📝event-signup
Title: Omega Alphascape V4.0 Savage (Unsync) Learning Party!
Description: Join us for an Omega Alphascape V4.0 Savage Learning Party! Our goal is to get the Model O Mount, which is a guaranteed drop for clearing! Hosted by Ferric Fireheart
**Requirements:** • Unlock the duty ahead of time. • Watch a video guide ahead of time. • Job signed up with must have min. avg. ilvl 510. • Discord voice chat is required for FC participants.
**Timeframe:** • Plan to stay for up to 2hrs from the duty start time. • Inform the host if you will be late, or your spot may be given up. • Allow up to 30min to group-up for noted latecomers.
Video guides: Part 1: Part 2:
Mentions: High-end Content
Voice Channel: Full Party
Color: Blue
Announcement Channel: Signed
Announcement Time: 60
Announcement Message: Omega 12 Savage is in 1hr! If you signed up, please be sure you meet requirements and are ready for the timeframe as noted on the signup sheet!
See Raid Helper Templates for more examples.