We are a casual FC! All raiding is considered to be done at a casual level.
We are not a hardcore FC, and the hardcore focus tag is purposefully left off.
We no longer support savage raid groups. Unofficial groups may still use the Party Discord server for group-ups without custom channels or roles.
Ultimate raid groups are currently still supported.
Interested in forming an ultimate raid group? Contact Hana Song to help set it up!

Raid Groups

Raid groups can be Open or Private:
  • Open groups have recruitment open to anyone who can fit the raid leader's requirements.
  • Private groups have recruitment based on the raid leader's contact with specific individuals.
Raid groups can be Blind or Guided:
  • Blind groups can start right away with a new tier. Raid leaders are primarily responsible for figuring out mechanics and creating strategies for the group.
  • Guided groups must wait for online community learning resources to become available.

Raid Server

The Fun Club Party side server is used for all FC-based raiding groups.


  • Private group channels are hidden from view from all except the group members.
  • Bulletin boards can only be posted in by raid leaders, used for general raid announcements.
  • Utilize 8-person voice channels to limit voice participants for best focus.
  • @Raid Leader can add relevant static raid roles to participants.