Raid Participants

Raiding Etiquette

Participants in FC raiding groups are expected to follow raid leader guidance.
Raid participants are expected to:
  • Review the provided guides ahead of time (unless blind).
  • Use a job you are proficient in playing with.
  • Properly gear your job to meet minimum raid lead requirements.
  • Use current-tier raid food for your specific job.
  • Join Discord voice chat at least to listen to the raid leader.
  • Listen and abide by all direction from the raid leader.
  • Keep voice chat coms reasonably clear so the raid leader can voice explanations/callouts without interruption or distraction.
  • Be ok with people logging battle stats and uploading results.
  • Accept suggestions and constructive criticism regarding your performance.
  • Stay civil: no arguing, fighting or picking on any participants.
  • Abide by Fun Club Community Guidelines.