Bot Commands

Use these commands in the #🤖bot-commands channel!
See Signup Sheets for Raid Helper bot information.
Ser Aymeric


/xiv registration byname world:Brynhildr forename:[FirstName] surname:[LastName] /xiv registration byname world:Brynhildr forename:Tataru surname:Taru Connects FFXIV to Discord profile and updates Discord username to character name.
/xiv market prices item:[item] world:[datacenter or world] /xiv market prices item:Sun Lemon world:Crystal /xiv market prices item:Sun Lemon world:Brynhildr Displays market data for an item across a Datacenter or World, including the cheapest and most expensive worlds for both normal and high quality.
/xiv collection summary member:@User Displays a summary of the user's FFXIV collection.


/fun interact action:[hug, pat, poke] member:@User Hug your friend!
/fun ship first:@User second:@User Ship two users. Results for two individuals will reset daily.


/server cookies collect Collect a random amount of cookies per day.
/server cookies give member:@User amount:[amount] Give some of your own cookies to another user. You're so nice!
/server cookies leaders Displays the top 20 members with the most cookies.



p!play [song name or url] Plays a song or adds to queue!
p!pause Pauses music
p!resume Resumes music
p!queue Shows playlist queue
p!skip Votes to skip current song, or skips if done by requester
p!stop Stops playback and had bot leave VC


p!cat Posts a picture of a cat
p!dog Posts a picture of a dog
p!higherlower Guessing game based on search results
p!ship @User1 @User2 Ships two people together
p!hug @User Gives a hug to someone
p!8ball Will I get the mount today? Reaches into the future to find your answer


p!daily Gives 500 pancakes
p!fish Performs fishing after buying a fishing rod with p!buy fishing rod
p!highlow Guessing game of high or low
p!slots Slots game


!mb datacenter itemname !mb crystal Varnish Retrieve the latest marketboard prices from Universalis for an item for a specific server or all servers in a data center.
!mount Troll !emote Throw !title Fashion leader Look up detailed information for mounts, minions, titles, emotes and bardings from FFXIV Collect.
!timers Display current Eorzea time, time till next daily reset, time till next weekly reset and time till next server maintenance.


!cat Gives you a random cat.
!dog Gives you a random dog.
!8ball Will I get the mount today? It's like any other 8ball command on discord. Annoying, useless and unreasonably popular.


@LiveBot monitor add [Twitch URL] Starts wizard to add the Twitch stream
@LiveBot monitor stop [Twitch URL] Removes monitoring of the stream