Reporting Issues

If you have an issue or complaint with something or someone in the FC/Discord, please report it to an officer!
We're not always aware of issues people may have, so we rely on you to tell us!
  • someone is making you uncomfortable
  • you think someone is breaking a guideline
  • you take issue with the way we do something
You can always message Hana Song or another officer and we will take your report seriously.
We will listen to you, collect information and screenshots from you and relevant parties, proceed to investigate, apply action as needed and potentially follow-up with you.

How to Report

  • Contact an officer if you have a complaint about anything FC-related in-game or Discord.
  • Include screenshots, text, and date/time of the issue with your complaint.
  • Complaints will be discussed by officers and addressed appropriately.
  • Follow-up action may be provided but not guaranteed.

Potential Actions

People may receive the following actions:
Soft Warning
Simple verbal, private message or public reminder warning about an activity.
No limit to soft warnings. Soft warnings may develop into warnings if activity persists.
Private message with an issued warning about activity, requires confirmation of cessation.
No limit to warnings. Warnings will develop into strikes if cessation is denied, activity was blatantly intentional or activity persists.
Private message with an issued strike about activity.
Up to 2 strikes. 2nd strike may result in discharge and ban.
  • Warnings and strikes do not fall off.
  • Exceptionally offensive behavior may be handled more severely.

General FC Issues

General FC issues may be individually addressed or may be taken up for further discussion by officers for potential next steps in finding a solution.
If a general FC-related issue is brought up that we think merits more input or response, we will post an announcement and schedule an in-game and Discord Townhall.

Interpersonal Issues

Issues that involve individuals should first be handled privately between those individuals. Please avoid getting upset on someone else's behalf. You may contact them out of concern as a friend, but if the individuals have resolved privately, please do not contact officers on their behalf. We will respect them as adults and defer to their personal resolutions.
If you are having a direct issue with another person and would like an officer to help settle and resolve, please contact us! We do not always provide follow-up information about actions taken. But the appropriate action will be taken on a case-by-case basis.
Please avoid posting about your personal issues with other members in our public chats per guideline 3 regarding avoiding drama. We will again take the appropriate action if issues are publicly aired, but we will not publicly provide acknowledgement or follow-up.

In-Game ToS Issues

Issue that occur in-game that you believe violate FFXIV's Terms of Service should be reported through the in-game Support Desk for a GM to investigate.

General Feedback

You're welcome to give us feedback any time at:
Let's make a fun, safe space for everyone to enjoy!