Fun Club officers are members who have volunteered to help out in various ways!
From activating daily buffs to organizing events, everything is done voluntarily for our members

Hana Song

aka Gremlin Dva Antecedent ★ Leader
Membership Scheduling Meetings Contests Workshop Housing Discord Media

Sumielle Avendin

aka Mogumi Kupoyumi A5 Wagyu Steak ★ Co-leader
Twitter Gallery Ko-Fi Graphics Discord General

Madam Katherine

Archon ☆ General officer
Daily buffs Action crafting/charging
Donations Promotions FC Chest cleanup/restock Raid food procurement

Calliope Calypso

Archon ☆ Events officer
Weekly events
ARR/HW/SB/ShB Mount Farming Wednesdays at 7pm PT

Feldar Aulsroan

Archon ♥ Social officer
Social events Dress-up themes Fellowship In-game social VC Social Happy Hour Tuesdays at 5pm PT