Event Hosting

Everyone can host events with Fun Club!
Scheduled Fun Club events help create open opportunities for everyone in the FC community!
By hosting or leading an FC event, you agree to let anyone in the FC participate in your event as long as they meet your stated requirements.

Gather Interest

Consider gathering interest in your event before requesting to schedule it.
Use the Discord #party-up channel to ping a role and see if anyone would be interested in your event. You can also use that channel to figure out times that work best for people.
Use the Discord #event-planning to brainstorm more details about your event.

Message Events Coordinator

If you have an event idea, contact Events Coordinator Hana Song to help coordinate it!
To help plan, we can:
  • Help brainstorm ideas and event format
  • Consider good days and times
  • Offer prizes for challenges and competitions
After coordinating, we’ll finalize the details with you!
When your event is finalized
We can:
  • Add it to the FC Calendar
  • Announce it at FC Meetings
  • Announce it in the Discord #calendar channel, and
  • Add it to the in-game Company Board
You can:

Create a Signup Sheet

Visit Signup Sheets for more information!

Announce Event

If you have a signup sheet:

You can include an announcement in the event creation. Add it in the Announcement tab.

If you don’t have a signup sheet:

About 30min-1hr before your event, send an announcement in FC chat and Discord.
  • If it’s a recurring event, our Events Bot may be set up to announce it in Discord.
  • If it’s a one-time event, post an announcement in Discord #party-up channel.
See examples below and in Event Announcements/Pings.
Example FC chat notice for you to post
★ Your Event! ★ Today at 6pm Pacific ★ Short description of your event!
Example Discord #party-up notice for you to post
☆ Your Event! ☆ Today @ 6pm Pacific Description of your event! @Content Farming

Group up

When it’s time for your event to start:
  • If you use a signup sheet: invite people to your party based on the signup number shown next to people’s jobs on the sign-up sheet. (Please prioritize FC member signups before non-FC members.)
  • Announce in FC chat that you’re grouping up and ask if anyone would like to join!
  • If there are more people interested than you have room for, plan to either split the party or rotate people as needed.


Consider doing it again and contact Hana Song to schedule another session!