Giveaways are opportunities for members to win items and gil!

During special events, the FC gives away a variety of things that members can win, including minions, mounts, glamour, furnishings, gil, Mog Station items and more!

Giveaway Hosts begin by announcing the start of a giveaway! Host announcements are typically done with either /shout or /yell chat. Participants must be FC members to win a prize.

The Giveaway Host will explain the following:

  1. Items can be rolled for only using a command they specify (/random or /dice fc).

  2. Participants must roll according to the Giveaway Host's winning criteria to win!

    • Example: The Giveaway host will say roll High to win!

  3. Participants can practice rolling using the specified command.

The Giveaway Host will then start the process:

  1. Announce an item people will roll for by <link>ing the item to chat.

  2. Choose for people to roll either high or low to win the item!

  3. Kick off rolling with some roll-start text like: READY? Set! ROLL!

  4. End rolling in some way, such as by asking "any other rolls?" or with a countdown e.g.: 3... 2... 1... ROLLS CLOSED

  5. Examine rolls and announce the winner! Winner comes up to receive the prize!

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