Member Amenities

  • Daily buffs based on a regular buff schedule.
  • FREE FC room in the FC house available as reimbursement upon request.
  • FREE FC Ward housewarming gift of 1m gil available upon request.
  • Large FC house furnished with reception, lounge, events stage, dance floor and arcade room.
  • FC house specialist NPCs including hair stylist, materia melder, salvager and gear mender.
  • FC house merchant NPCs selling materials, dyes, food and furnishings.
  • FC house with Retainer Bell, Armorie, Unending Journey, Triple Triad, Toybox, Gold Saucer machines, and free tabletop food.
  • FC house music put on by members (Guardian rank and above).
  • FC Chest with free items like food, furnishings, minions, orchestrion rolls and more.
  • Chocobo stables to feed, train and color your Chocobo companion.