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Archons are officers of the FC that volunteer to help in various official capacities. As an Archon, you would take on obligations and responsibilities to help out on a regular basis.

Archons are entrusted with advanced free company privileges, access to Archon Discord channels, and access to organizational documents and resources.

Archons are considered representatives of the FC and have the highest distinction and responsibility in the FC below the Antecedent and Co-Lead. Archons should be open-minded, friendly and helpful towards everyone in the Fun Club community.

General Eligibility

  • Completed the Endwalker main story, including all main story patches.

  • FC member for at least 45 days (check on Member List).

  • Posted an FC Discord introduction.

General Responsibilities

  • Perform the tasks and role you're volunteering for.

  • Perform 3 core functions: Process new/returning members, activate buffs if they're off, and moderate in-game and out-of-game.

  • Attend monthly team meetings.

  • Maintain good communication with leadership, including responding to tells, Discord DMs, and discussions in Scion Discord channels.


Archons are offered 500k gil and a Company Tabard when promoted for the first time.

Receive a gift of up to 1m gil per month as a thank-you for your help!


The FC Recruiter supports Fun Club's membership goals! People in this position actively recruit new members to the FC and help them get acclimated.

As the Fun Club Recruiter, your responsibility would be to bring more members to the FC while helping new and existing members feel at home!


  • Perform recruitment strategies regularly.

  • Welcome and document newcomers per documentation.

  • Check in with newcomers to see how they're doing.

Recruitment Strategy Examples

  • FFXIV Community Finder

  • Reddit r/FFXIVRecruitment posts

  • FFXIV Reddit Discord posts

  • Facebook group posts / reply to asks

  • Shouts in cities/hubs (Limsa, Gridania, Ul'dah, etc.)

  • Start friendly/helpful conversations with people

  • Send /tells asking people with no FC

  • Party Finder ads

  • Scout novice network

  • Hang out/afk in a spot consistently in a city

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