Fun Club
Fun Club


Read about recording and streaming FC members and events!
It's generally ok to record and stream anything in-game as long as you follow Final Fantasy XIV's Material Usage License.

​Fun Club YouTube​

Special events may be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel! Check it out!

Discord Streaming Channel

See when someone goes live in the #streams channel! Visit #role-selection to add the @Streaming role to yourself to get pings.
Sumielle Avendin live on Twitch for an FC E12S learning party!
As an FC member, you can send a message to Hana Song or @ModMail to get your Twitch channel added! You can stream anything you like, not just FFXIV!

Recording/Streaming Voice Chat

You must get permission from everyone in FC voice chat before capturing voice.
If you are including FC voice chat in your recording or stream: everyone in the voice chat must give permission.
If you are not including FC voice chat in your recording or stream: permission requests aren't necessary.