Fun Club Archons volunteer to help out in various ways!

From activating buffs to organizing events, everything is done voluntarily for our members! ❀️

Hana Song

Antecedent β˜… Leader aka Gremlin Dva Membership, Scheduling, Meetings, Contests, Workshop, Housing, Discord, Media

Hello! I enjoy long walks on the Shirogane beach and AFKing in the FC yard! I’m happy to have such a great place to call home and hope you enjoy your stay as well!! Let's have fun!

Sumielle Avendin

Supreme Bingus β˜… Co-leader Housing, Twitter, Gallery, Ko-Fi, Graphics, Discord, General

THANK YOU to everyone who have shaped me into the player i am today (Β΄ο½₯α΄—ο½₯ ` ) even if its just chatting in the fc yard, or tackling savage content. YOU all have made me feel like family and logging on to the game feels like coming home after a long day. Its a different kind of solace and something i highly look forward to. From all the people i've met, to those that i have yet to meet. This is definitely an FC like no other and i could not ask for any better. (γ£Λ˜Ο‰Λ˜Ο‚ )

Madam Katherine

Archon β˜† Action crafting/charging, Donations, Promotions, FC Chest cleanup/restock, Raid food procurement

J'aheed Tia

Archon β˜† Recruitment Recruitment strategies, Events

Let our journey together be one filled with laughs, life and love, even in the deepest despair.

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